Operational Technology Resources

Case studies, white papers and other resources from our Operational Technology team



Advances in Frequency Regulation from Solar Plants (IBR) - IEEE PES (August 2021) - Download PDF

Is Grid Scale DC-Coupled PV & Energy Storage Plant Really a Good Idea? - IEEE PES (August 2020) - Download PDF

Solar & Solar Hybrid Plants: Unlocking The Full Grid Value Beyond Energy - IEEE PES (August 2020) - Download PDF

Fact vs Myth: Solar power and grid stability (October 2017)

Advances in Utility-Scale PV Plants: Key Lessons Learned (September 2018)

Investigating the Economic Value of Flexible Solar Power Plant Operation (January 2019)

Grid Integration in Action: Voltage Regulation at Agua Caliente (February 2016)


Using Renewables to Operate a Low-Carbon Grid (2016)

 Investigating the Economic Value of Flexible Solar Plant Operation (2018)


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