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First commercial deployment of Terafab construction automation system successfully completed. Watch video.

First commercial deployment of Terafab construction automation system successfully completed. Watch video.

The platform for Terawatt-scale solar

As your end-to-end utility-scale solar partner, Terabase offers the tools, solutions, and services needed to develop, build, and operate large solar plants around the world.

Terabase Products & Services Ecosystem

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Through cloud-based solutions and construction automation, our innovative solar technology reduces costs and accelerates the deployment of solar energy at scale.


Use advanced modeling to lower costs and shorten development timelines through a suite of solutions specifically designed for the development phase of utility-scale solar projects.

Simplified solar performance modeling

  • Modern and sleek user interface
  • Reduce uncertainty with advanced modeling algorithms
  • More accurate energy predictions
  • Easy-to-read data and charts
  • Benchmarked and validated against operational data and industry leading software
Screenshot of a graph

Efficient design and optimization of utility-scale solar plants

  • Establish a “Digital Twin” of the PV plant for reference
  • Create optimized layouts in a fraction of the time
  • Enhance development via a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for maximum visibility
  • Access dozens of map layers and data integrations
  • Digitize site visits for fluid communication and collaboration
View of a terrain map with solar field shown

Simplifying Complex Earthwork Assessment

  • Reduces project costs by cutting engineering hours 40x
  • Streamlines permitting process with early, accurate earthwork data
  • Batch modeling quantifies earthwork requirements for standard versus terrain-following trackers, with multiple pier reveal window options
  • Detailed output reports can be used for engineering and construction
3D map view of earthwork requirements

String Size Optimization & Maximization

  • Offers a computational method for maximizing string lengths and reducing costs
  • Uses PlantPredict API to simulate multi-year project conditions for more accurate system voltage analysis.
  • 1-click download of time-series weather data from multiple top-tier providers
  • Features robust module database and allows for upload of PAN & PPM files
  • Customizable user inputs for time and temperature shifts
  • Generates reports summarizing inputs, models, and results
Software screenshot of PlantPredict Voltage Pro configuration screen


Build cost-efficient utility-scale solar plants at a faster pace and expand your project pipelines through enhanced construction automation solutions.

Terafab transforms solar power plant construction with a modern factory approach

  • World’s first automated, digital field factory for solar power plant construction
  • Improve efficiency through high throughput, 24/7 operation, and modularity
  • Increase labor productivity by 2x
  • Benefit from interconnected digital and physical systems
  • Commercial deployments begin summer 2023
Overhead view of manufacturing line

Speed up the transition from planning to operations through advanced solar construction automation

  • Cloud-based platform
  • Mitigate project risks
  • Reduce project management overhead
  • Enhance build quality
  • Expedite construction
  • Improve communication with key stakeholders
Overhead view of a solar field

Plant Controls

Optimize the operations and management of utility-scale solar plants with a suite of solutions specifically designed for the operations phase of utility scale solar projects.

Grid-friendly SCADA solutions and plant controls

  • Increases plant value through performance optimization
  • Ensures stable power, voltage and grid frequency
  • Meets and complies with system operator requirements
  • Has a modern and intuitive operator interface with historical trends and reports
  • Provides a customizable scope of supply
  • Establishes a flexible power plant dashboard that’s available on the go
Engineers looking at monitors

Terabase’s impact by the numbers


EPC firms, IPPs and developers using Terabase apps


Countries with projects supported by Terabase engineers

10 GW

Projects supported by Terabase Plant Control & SCADA solutions

Enhance your solar project with Terabase

Learn more about leveraging our technology and expertise through every phase of your utility-scale solar project.