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Solar design & deployment solutions for utility-scale solar

The need for large-scale solar projects is growing exponentially. We're developing the solutions to enable fast solar scalability.

Utility-scale solar automation and digitization

Aerial view of solar field in desert region

Products and services that enable the cost-efficient development, construction, and operation of your solar power plant.

Solar engineering and construction has remained relatively unchanged for the last couple of decades. To rapidly expand utility-scale solar, there’s a need to utilize advanced digital and automation tools to shorten the timelines, reducing the risk, and lower the cost of developing and deploying large solar plants.

Terabase solutions enhance every phase of the solar project life cycle

Large-scale PV projects are often resource constrained, which is why Terabase developed a full suite of solutions that facilitate the rapid deployment of solar energy projects, preparing our customers for the exponential demands of tomorrow.

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Solar Developers

Speed up site evaluations by more accurate and earlier decision making in the development process.

View of solar panel assembly line


Enabling EPCs to expand pipeline by building more high-quality projects, faster, using construction automation.

Worker at solar panel in field looking at test instruments

Owners & Operators

Maximize plant value through construction management, SCADA, plant controls, and hybridization solutions.

Close up of solar panel assembly line

OEM Suppliers

Capture the next level of value being unlocked through Terabase's field automation and digital technologies.

Advancing the solar energy industry to achieve net zero

Terabase’s innovative solar technology unlocks the scalability of solar.

Through cloud-based digitization and construction automation, Terabase’s innovative solar energy technology platform reduces costs and accelerates the deployment of solar energy at scale.

Benefits of Working with Terabase

  • Better evaluation of solar sites
  • Quicker design iteration
  • Determine energy output with advanced modeling
  • Build reliable plants faster and within budget
  • Utilize our experienced team of solar engineers
  • Optimize long-term plant performance

Maximize the value of your solar project with Terabase

Learn more about leveraging our technology and expertise through every phase of your utility-scale solar project.