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Build more with less by automating construction

Tools and solutions to enhance and accelerate the construction phase of large-scale solar projects.

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Construction solutions for Terawatt-scale solar

Utilizing our full suite of digital and solar construction automation solutions built on decades of expertise, Terabase enables partners to build reliable plants faster and within budget, while enhancing predictability and optimizing long-term performance. 

Solar panel in manufacturing process


Terafab™ transforms solar power plant construction with a modern in-field factory approach, allowing partners to build more with less and expand the number of projects they deploy simultaneously. Watch the video of our first commercial deployment. Patents pending.

  • World’s first automated, digital field factory for PV module and tracker assembly
  • Improves efficiency through high throughput, 24/7 operation, and modularity
  • Increases installation productivity by a factor of 2x over traditional methods
  • Eliminates the physical safety risk of construction workers needing to lift heavy solar panels and steel structures
  • Benefit from interconnected digital and physical systems
  • First commercial deployment completed in 2023 (read the press release)
Screenshot of software showing solar field in desert region


Construct is a cloud-based platform for the management of large-scale solar projects construction and serves as single-source-of-truth (SSOT) for construction progress and site inventory.

  • Mitigate project risks
  • Reduce project management overhead
  • Enhance build quality
  • Expedite construction
  • Improve communication with key stakeholders

We’re your partner through the entire project lifecycle

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Terabase unlocks the scalability of solar by utilizing advanced modeling to reduce costs and shorten the timelines for developing large-scale solar plants.

Workers looking at monitor panels

Terabase’s innovative solar technology solutions optimize the operations of utility-scale projects through advanced controls that maximize plant value.

Enhance your solar project with Terabase

Learn more about leveraging our technology and expertise through every phase of your utility-scale solar project.