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Solar technology for the Terawatt era

Terabase is building an interconnected digital and automation platform that reduces cost and increases scalability.

Innovations for the full life cycle of solar power plants

Products and services for pre-construction, construction, and plant controls of large-scale solar power plants.

Products & Services
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Solar energy modeling and design tools for pre-construction and development.

Screenshot of Construct software

Construction monitoring, scheduling, forecasting, and inventory management.

Engineers looking at a multi screen control panel

Maximizing value through advanced plant controls, SCADA & EMS.

Why Terabase?

Aerial view of workers looking at project documents sitting on large solar panel

Terabase’s impact by the numbers

3 TW

Simulated across 30,000+ projects in PlantPredict


Countries with projects supported by Terabase engineers

10 GW

Projects supported by Terabase Plant Control & SCADA solutions

View of a solar field with control modules in the foreground

Utility-scale solar technology providers

Our cloud-based solutions combined with construction automation transform how large-scale solar projects are developed and deployed.

Maximize the value of your solar project with Terabase

Learn more about leveraging our technology and expertise through every phase of your utility-scale solar project.