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Terabase Energy is on a mission to build the platform which will enable $0.01/kWh solar


Terabase Energy was formed in 2019 via a spin-out of the power plant technology group from SunPower Corporation. Terabase’s mission is to accelerate the renewable energy transformation by reducing cost and improving efficiency in the development, procurement and construction of large renewable energy projects.

The core of our team has been in solar since the mid 2000s and led development and construction of some of the earliest, and most complex, large utility-scale projects in the world like California Valley Solar Ranch (312 MWp) and Solar Star I and II (747 MWp).

Since then, the Terabase team has been involved in every aspect of PV power plants from origination and project development to product development, technology optimization, engineering, procurement, construction, equipment manufacturing, and O&M.

Today, we bring all of that cross functional experience together in a coordinated effort, whether to launch innovative products into the marketplace or to offer thoughtful solutions to our consulting and engineering clients.

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Our founding team has been in solar since the beginning of the industry’s emergence in California and Europe in the mid to late-2000s. Each of our founding team members has 10-15 years of experience in utility scale solar PV, developing, engineering and building projects and products for SunPower and other industry-leading companies.  Collectively we have worked on more than 250 projects in 20 countries representing more than 5GW and $10B of investment since 2007.

We believe that digitalization and automation will drive the next wave of project innovation and cost reduction in large scale solar.
More than 125 years of combined solar experience

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