The core of our team has been in solar since the mid 2000s and led development and construction of some the earliest, and most complex, large utility-scale projects in the world like California Valley Solar Ranch (312 MWp) and Solar Star I and II (747 MWp). Since then, the Terabase team has been involved in every aspect of PV power plants from origination and project development to product development, technology optimization, engineering, procurement, construction, equipment manufacturing, and O&M.

Terabase Energy founding team

(From left to right): Amine Berrada, Dan Cohen, Matt Campbell, Thang Le, Chris Baker and Pierre Gousseland

Today, we bring all of that cross functional experience together in a coordinated effort, whether to launch innovative products into the marketplace or to offer thoughtful solutions to our consulting and engineering clients. 

Our Team
Matt Campbell

CEO, Co-Founder

Chris Baker

EVP, Sales & Marketing, Co-Founder

Matt runs day-to-day operations at Terabase and drives the organization’s overall strategy. In 15 years at SunPower, Matt held roles in project development, product development, manufacturing, M&A, JV formation and operations. His experience spans more than 200 projects in 20 countries representing over $10B of project investment. Prior to SunPower, Matt worked in the VC, software and semi-conductor industries. He holds a BA degree from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Chris is responsible for Sales & Marketing. Prior to Terabase, Chris built and led project development teams at Silicon Ranch, FRV and SunPower, delivering more than 2 GW of projects in North America, Europe and Australia, including the CVSR (312 MW) and Solar Star (747 MW) projects. Chris previously held corporate development and strategy roles at SunPower and McKinsey. In addition to the U.S., Chris has worked in Europe, the Middle East and Australia and holds an AB degree from Harvard and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Amine Berrada

VP, Terabase Platform, Co-Founder

Dan Cohen

EVP, Technology & Operations, Co-Founder

Amine directs Terabase’s digital platform, a GIS-based AI tool to optimize the development and engineering of large solar projects.  Previously, Amine developed more than 700 MW of solar projects for Nareva in the Middle East and North Africa. He also held prior roles at SunPower in product management and product development. A Moroccan citizen and native Arabic and French speaker, Amine’s international experience spans North America, China, the Middle East and Africa. Amine holds a BA degree from UC Berkeley and two Master’s degrees from MIT.

Dan is in charge of Technology and Operations, also serving as the CFO. Previously Dan ramped a manufacturing JV in Asia to 1.2 GW within a year and developed next gen bifacial panel and tracker technology at SunPower. A business executive and engineer, Dan’s 20+ years of experience spans energy & aerospace, engineering, product development, R&D, strategy, commercialization, M&A and JVs. Dan has a BSc. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Master’s from Penn State University.

Pierre Gousseland

VP, Business Development & Partnerships, Co-Founder

Pierre is responsible for business development and Terabase’s strategic partnerships. Previously at SunPower, Pierre led global sales and development engineering for the Power Plant business unit and oversaw the procurement and construction of the 747 MW Solar Star project. A French national with a background in engineering, Pierre has worked for SunPower, Total and EY on renewable energy development since 2007 across EMEA, North America and Australia. He holds Master’s degrees from both the Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile and MINES ParisTech.

Thang Le

VP, Project Management & Engineering, Co-Founder

Thang manages projects and engineering operations at Terabase.  He is an engineer with skills in systems engineering, project management, development engineering, technology, and software development in renewable energy and real estate.  At SunPower, Thang directed the engineering and fulfillment of the largest single-axis tracker project in Vietnam.  He previously ran SunPower’s global design engineering team.  A native Vietnamese speaker, Thang has two degrees from the University of Texas at Austin.

Giovanni Vanore

Product Development Project Manager

John Milston

Head of Sales, Australia

Giovanni manages our digital platform and our software development team. Previously at SunPower and Solarworld America, Giovanni held roles in project design and project management delivering more than 1 GW in solar design. Prior to his time in solar in USA, he held engineering roles in Europe developing, designing, managing and commissioning power plants and infrastructure projects. He holds a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, in Italy.

John is in charge of Sales efforts in Australia, including both equipment and services revenue.  As an adept and hands-on Account Director, he is dedicated to supporting customers from project conception to plant commissioning. Prior to Terabase, John was the Regional Manager with Array Technologies (ATI) for the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. He has also worked at SunEdison. John is a British National with a B.A. from Durham University in England.

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