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Webinars Webinar Recording: Take the guesswork out of PV power plant site analysis with GCR/capacity visualizations in PlantPredict

In this webinar, Terabase demonstrates how to use PlantPredict Design Pro’s newest GCR/capacity visualization feature to improve design workflow efficiency for large-scale solar power plants. The demo includes a full walkthrough of the latest and improved Design Pro workflow, getting you to the sweet spot for your targeted capacities and layouts in fewer iterations than ever before.

You will learn:

  • How to use the latest GCR/capacity visualization tool to specify scenarios to analyze
  • The new workflow to batch multiple scenarios to run in parallel
  • How GCR and DC:AC ratio affect the EPC costs of a project and how that impacts the overall LCOE
  • The value of fast-tracking preliminary design decisions


  • David Spieldenner (Product Director of PlantPredict at Terabase Energy)
  • Benj Shapiro (Associate Product Manager at Terabase Energy)