Construction automation for large scale solar power plants

Introducing Terafab

The world’s first automated, digital field factory for solar power plant construction

Terafab transforms solar power plant construction with a modern factory approach, increasing installation productivity by a factor of 2x over traditional methods.
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Improved efficiency

High-throughput, 24/7 operation, and modularity enable rapid ramp-ups and  much higher solar field construction speeds, significantly reducing project schedules

Terafab's installation efficiency and time savings lower overall project costs, enabling a lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

The system supports the solar industry's exponential growth, leveraging a modular design that can be replicated and deployed quickly.

Increased productivity

Terafab increases labor productivity by 2x addressing the solar industry’s unprecedented labor shortages.

Terafab eliminates the physical safety risk of construction workers needing to lift heavy solar panels and steel structures (often in harsh weather conditions) by utilizing automation on a climate-controlled assembly line.

Interconnected digital and physical systems

Terafab combines a digital twin of the project site, advanced supply chain and inventory management systems, an onsite wireless digital command center, a field deployed automated assembly line, and specialized installation rovers into a seamless 24/7 operation.

Commercial deployments begin summer 2023

The first gigawatt (GW) of Terafab assembly lines destined for commercial projects are now in production, with several units scheduled to deploy beginning Q3 2023.

Terabase's current production facility (a factory to build factories), has capacity to build more than 10 GW of Terafabs per year.

The first beta deployment was completed in the summer of 2022, where Terafab built 10 MW on a 400 MW project.
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