Platform Update 1.11 (December 2021)

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Platform Update 1.11 (December 2021)

We're excited to share our latest update to the Terabase platform, including a refreshed user interface, option for 1P trackers, downloadable EPC Cost and Financial Reports, and more.

See highlights below.

Refreshed User Interface

You may have recently noticed that we've updated the Terabase platform with a new color scheme and UI elements.

Other additions include:

• New navigation menu that allows you to more quickly switch between workspaces and projects:

• Project cards with rendering and summary information:

• Customizable simulation settings for MV system design, electrical losses, EPC cost estimate, and financial parameters:

Rendering Options

A button has been added in the right toolbar, allowing users to manually switch from the AC Block view to the tables view.

Weather Station Details

New window showing the location and details of the selected weather file.

1P Tracker

New custom racking system option allows users to create layouts with a 1P tracker having two different configurations: full tracker and partial tracker.

Considering string length with a wind speed entered by user, the platform will show the available full and partial tracker configurations.

Cost & Financial Reports

EPC cost estimate and financial reports are now downloadable, and the these results are added to the comparison matrix.

Other Changes & Additions

• KMZ/KML feature improved
• ArcGIS JS updated to version 4.21
• Component database update
• General performance improvements
• Bug fixes

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