Platform Update 1.10 (August 2021)

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Platform Update 1.10 (August 2021)

We're excited to share our latest Terabase Platform Release Update with you. All features are available now at

Our latest addition include:

Bill of Quantities Output Including MV Circuit - The Terabase platform can now generate bill of quantities for central and string inverter layouts. It can group the DC field into AC blocks, which are then collected into Medium Voltage circuits.

EPC Cost Estimate & Simple LCOE Optimization - The platform is now able to estimate the EPC cost for every scenario run and use it to calculate a simple LCOE taking into account cost and energy. A powerful feature for layout optimization. Users can edit cost and financial inputs for each simulation.

Tabular Navigation UI/UX Update - We continue to enhance our interface based on user feedback and this latest update improves workflow by making it easier to switch between project configuration windows.

Collaboration: Note/Pin with Comments and Photos + Team Sharing - We've made it easier to work with colleagues by adding the ability to invite collaborators, add notes, pin job site photos to your project. We've also added additional options for sharing projects with co-workers and customers.

Other Notable Additions & Improvements:

• Custom layer upload
• Self snapping feature in the sketch tool
• Improved KML/KMZ retrace feature
• Elevation widget
• Component database update
• General performance improvements
• Bug fixes

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